How to Really Have a Fun Team-Building Corporate Event

Most team building outings and exercises are downright boring. Even the bosses have to admit it. It is usually some socially inept person that plans these things. You would think they want to make everyone as miserable as they are. However, my company discovered something that works for building team camaraderie, and it is incredibly fun at the same time. We go on these corporate clay pigeon shooting adventures, and we have a blast. Pun intended! The corporate playing field can be upended with entry-level staff being able to shoot clay pigeons a whole lot better than upper management. We only have one VP that can shoot good. I have been shooting since I was a young boy, so I can hold my own with most of the people who go to these events.

There is one guy in accounting that practices on a regular basis, and he can really handle a shotgun at a pro level. If you are a gambling sort, you would not want to bet against him. He has always come out on top of every event. I have come in second a couple of times. Last year, a receptionist won Second Place. She is very petite but can handle a 12 gauge like it is an extension of her arms. Very impressive. She does not just clip those clay targets, she blasts them in the center turning them into dust. She can do doubles and triples. I can hit most doubles but start to miss on the triples when they are pulled.

We have a lot of friendly competition. Second Place got a week of extra vacation for the last event. We were all trying to win that. I would recommend something fun for team building like this instead of the boring seminars and other stuff. Get out there and shoot some guns together, have a great meal and enjoy some time getting to know one another. That is what builds a team.